• “[MVP]” Prefix In-Game
  • Pink Colored In-Game Chat
  • /i Cooldown: 2 Seconds
  • /v Cooldown: 150 Seconds
  • /Save Cooldown: 60 Seconds
  • /Load Cooldown: 100 Seconds
  • /Heal Cooldown: 500 Seconds
  • 9 Extra Save Slots (10 Total)
  • $50 Paycheck
  • 175 Extra Barricade and Structures (375 Barricade’s and 375 Structures maximum to be placed, Normally 200)


New Commands:
/Heal (Resets Health, Hunger, Thirst and Toxicity)

Additional information


Upon purchase, the purchased product may take up to 24 hours to be added to your account. In the case that the purchase is not working or added to your account, please contact Modern_Mo#2947 through Discord. If the purchase cannot be added within the 24 hour time period, you will be emailed with an estimated time. If any other problems occur, contact Modern_Mo or a member of the Administrative Team.

Terms of Service

Any purchases at Modern Role-Play are non-refundable.

Only one exeption is if you cannot recieve your purchase, you will then be refunded. If banned, kicked or if your purchase has been revoked you cannot recieve a refund.

Possible reasons for your purchase to be removed:

-Rule breaking



-Threating to DDOS/DOS or harm another person in any way.

-Abusing purchase

-And other smaller reasons

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